The Real Reason Flossing is Important

Why flossing is importantA question you are bound to hear when visiting the dentist will certainly be, “Have you been flossing regularly?” For many of us, the answer might be no. The good news? It’s never too late to start. Here’s why.

Something is in the air…

Unknown to many, the real reason flossing has so much impact on the overall state of your mouth is not removing plaque and food from between your teeth.

The most important reason is oxygen.

Yes, flossing will remove the leftover dinner from between your teeth; however, it also opens up the space between the teeth and gums to allow oxygen where it previously could not reside. When bacteria is exposed to oxygen, a negative reaction occurs and most of the bacteria will be killed. The more often those spaces are opened up, the less bacteria will build up!

Invest in your Gums

The best cure for gum disease is simply remembering to floss. For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit our website or call us at (727) 862-7664! Our Hudson, FL office is standing by.

Allow nature itself to fight on your behalf against harmful bacteria and remember to floss!

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