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Dealing with Gingivitis

Tips to Prevent Gum Disease from Beacon Woods Family Dentistry Gingivitis is a common problem that can lead to gum disease and tooth loss if not taken seriously and treated in its early stages. Many people are not aware that they have gingivitis because it can be mild in appearance and rarely painful. Symptoms include puffy, […]

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Could Gum Disease Cause Heart Disease?
Some Experts Think So

The Growing Connection Between Gum Disease and Heart Disease Growing evidence continues to suggest a link between gum disease and heart disease (as well as other diseases such as diabetes and colon cancer). Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease of bacterial origin. Recently, the Colgate Oral and Dental Heath Resource Centre, along with Columbia University, phrased periodontitis […]

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The Importance of Healthy Gums

Despite the medical and technological advancements that Americans enjoy, many suffer from some form of gum disease. Most people know very little about the symptoms and treatment of gum disease, and about 39 percent of Americans do not visit the dentist regularly. Harmful bacteria that collect on teeth can lead to gum disease, which is […]

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