Mini Dental Implants

mini dental implants family dentist hudson flMini dental implants available for patients who are looking to stabilize their dentures and can’t afford (or receive) conventional dental implants.

For some, they lack the bone mass in their jaw necessary for traditional dental implants, while others prefer to avoid the invasive surgery that traditional dental implants require.

Mini dental implants are smaller than dental implants and support full or partial dentures.

Mini implants support most types of replacement teeth.

Receiving regular dental implants takes several months and requires at least two dental appointments. Mini dental implants can typically be installed in only one visit using local anesthesia and without any sutures.

In many cases you can use your existing dentures with Mini Implants after a reline and some fittings.

If you’re looking to regain your confidence with mini dental implants, contact us to schedule a consultation today!

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