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Understanding the Bacteria in your Mouth

Although each person only holds 30 to 80 at a given time, your mouth can house over 700 different strains of bacteria. Most of these microscopic critters are harmless, however, there are a few that can harm your health that you should be aware of. Let’s take a look at a couple. Porphyromonas gingivalis Also […]

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The Real Reason Flossing is Important

A question you are bound to hear when visiting the dentist will certainly be, “Have you been flossing regularly?” For many of us, the answer might be no. The good news? It’s never too late to start. Here’s why. Something is in the air… Unknown to many, the real reason flossing has so much impact […]

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Toothbrush: Electric or Traditional?

Electric toothbrushes have splashed into the marketplace. But what should you use? Let’s compare and contrast traditional brushes versus the newer options. Brush like you mean it The most biggest benefit of an electric toothbrush is the spin power. Essentially, you are getting more brush out of your stroke. The powered spinning motion of most electric toothbrushes […]

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The Incredible World of Dentistry

Technology has taken us to the moon. If you pause to consider the immensity of this accomplishment, you might start to think anything is possible. Likewise, technology has taken the world of dentistry out of the dark ages and introduced a golden era of painless and cost effective holistic oral care. It is exciting to […]

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The Tongue Tells All: 4 Signs of Poor Oral Hygiene

What can the state of one’s tongue say about oral health? As it turns out, quite a lot. Hopefully the information below will offer some insights and might even spur you on to make better decisions when it comes to the care of your mouth. You may find these items some of these signs shocking and wonder why […]

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3 Common Enemies to a Healthy Mouth

Recently, we started sharing some tips in a series of nutritional and lifestyle changes you can make to help promote healthier gums and teeth. We started off by sharing 4 Foods for Healthier Gums. And, though we primarily treat general dental problems in the Hudson, FL area with our family dentistry approach, our goal is to make sure that everyone […]

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3 Simple Tips to Take Care of Your Teeth

Your dentist isn’t the only one who can help keep your teeth clean. The primary and most effective person to keep your teeth white and healthy is you! From brushing and flossing your teeth, there are many daily things you can do to keep your smile brilliant. However, here are a few things you may not have […]

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Caring for Your Child’s teeth

Caring for children’s teeth is important! Keeping your child’s smile developing properly will prevent cavities, dental surgeries or braces later on in life. If you are a new parent, use this time to teach your kids how to care for and value their teeth. Here are four things you can do to ensure that baby […]

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How to Fight Off Receding Gums

Receding gums are a frequent dental problem many people face in their lifetime. They can act as a sign of other oral diseases or be a stand alone issue. However, it can be extremely difficult to notice receding gums because it is a slow process that grows over time. If you need to treat receding […]

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Four Signs of Gum Disease

Sometimes it’s a little difficult to know if you need dental help. Some signs are more subtle and hard to spot, but if they are noticed early, they save time and more extensive procedures. Here are four things to look out for when caring for your own teeth. Speak to your periodontist if you have any concerns about […]

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